Everybody talks about artificial intelligence. Why don’t we try it first with „real, decent intelligence „?


from Rudolf X. Ruter


In every news, in every talk and at every corner „artificial intelligence“ is pointed out: desire and reality, salvation and threat, problem-solving or problem-maker, even destruction of humanity is discussed in this connection: „Artificial intelligence could end mankind[1]„. We are more concerned about the future ethics of robots than about today’s decency of our society.


So why deal with artificial intelligence? Does „humane, previous Intelligence “ bore us?


And if so, why?


Those who want to be intelligent these days must accept their situation, must adapt and constantly learn. „Intelligence is the ability to accept its environment“[2]. „Intelligence, so the intelligent say, is the ability to adapt to the situation“[3]. and „the disadvantage of intelligence is that you are constantly forced to learn“[4].


Is this too strenuous for us?

Do we prefer to be stupid these days? Does wisdom have no chance? „Against a stupidity that is just fashionable, there is no wisdom on“[5]. Because „two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, but I’m not sure about the’ universe“[6]! And „the smarter gives way! A sad truth, it justifies the world domination of stupidity[7]„. Although the intelligence has unbeatable benefits: „the advantage of wisdom is that you can make yourself stupid. The opposite is already more difficult[8].“


Where does Responsibility and Decency remain?

The term „intelligence“ is something pure human and should be reserved exclusively for us people and for our lives. And man will always be responsible. Whether he wants or not. „The key to tackle global challenges and the survival of humanity comes not from better technology, but from better people[9]„. „Decency is respect for the dignity of the other[10]„. What we need – more than ever – are ethical standards, moral claims and good and right behavior, accepted by everybody. Ethical guard rails in the sense of „what is legal is not always also legitimate“ or „decency forbids what the law does not[11]„.



Everybody talks about artificial intelligence. Why don’t we try it first with „real, decent intelligence „? „It is not enough to be a decent person. You have to show it too[12]„.


This text could only arise due to the exceptional intelligence and quotes of the following remarkable people: [1] Stephen Hawkins, 2 Wilhelm Faulkner, 3Wieslaw Brudzinski, 4 Georg Bernhard Shaw, 5 Theodor Fontane, 6 Albert Einstein, 7 Maria von Ebner-Eschenbach, 8 Kurt Tucholsky, 9 Eckhard Kruse, 10 Paul Schibler, 11 Seneca and 12 Honoré de Balzac.



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